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Fantasia Frog Designs creates custom ebooks and print books of all genres, as well as premade covers, teasers, 3D boxed sets, bookmarks, adverts, headers, banners and more.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Hello, I'm just reopening my blogspot website. I had one years ago, but it's time to have one again.
My main account is located here http://fantasiafrogdesigns.wordpress.com

I will only have a small sample of covers shown here. To view all, please visit the link above.

Premade covers range from $15- $70 for ebook. To make that in to a print cover, it is $30.00

  nightshift-ffd-40-2      GFX-Chic-lit-1 Contemporary-Suspense--ffd-40 Casino-Heat-ffd-70 smoulderingheat-ffd-40 alongtheshore-ffd-40 UpintheClouds-ffd-40 VillaVacation-FFD-40 romancebytheocean-ffd-40 Sweet-Paradice-40 Beachboy-FFD-40 PamperedfortheNight-FFD-40Sweetromancecouple-ffd-40 CabinKisses-40 Bartendersdaughter-ffd-40 PartyTitle2-ffd-40 PartyTitle-ffd-40
 ($30) ($25)

                     wintergetaway-ffd-40 keepwatchom-ffd-40  valentinesblizzard-ffd-40indeepwadplayboy-ffd-40 kissing-in-the-springtime-ffd-40  sleeping-with-his-mistress-ffd-40 GF-EroticN2

1nw-series-liam-ffd-40 1nw-series-sam-ffd-40 privclubwahunk-ffd-40 
mistletowgetsresults-ffd-40 romancenightout-ffd-40 thevoyeur-ffd-40
sexyspark-ffd-40 masquerade-palace Sensual-Romance2-40TheKinkyclub-ffd-40 City-Heat-ffd-40 MadameBookcover

And New – package bundle– prices vary according to image details (approx. $70-$150.00)

Ebook – (prices range from $15.00-$70)
Print ($30.00)
Audio ($10-$20)
Timeline header ($10-$20)
Teaser ($5.00-$10.00)
included free with the package – eBook/eReader image with your book cover (background image can be changed) (see directly below)

For the lower budget...

I have added a handful of premade, single image, simple design covers to my site on my Sales page. I am also featuring a few here. These are...